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Peter Gaunt.
Peter Gaunt (1936 - 2019)
Peter Gaunt (1936 - 2019)

Odešly legendy Peter Gaunt a John V. Brittain

Peter Gaunt , a small man who dedicated his entire life to the trial , died at the age of 82 . He was not an equestrian star, although he was one of the leading British riders. He was nicknamed Top Gear and became more famous as a designer, he built a number of trial motorcycles himself, many times even in a smaller series, and he was able to win trial competitions on his machines. He mainly built motorcycles of smaller volumes on the basis of serial touring machines. His Jawa 90 did not escape his attention either, he built and rebuilt Honda, Suzuki, but also Ducati and Royal Enfield, he developed a trial motorcycle for the British brands James and Dalesman. He also drove for Royal Enfield as a factory driver. In 1966, Gaunt rode the Six-Day International Six-Day AJS in Sweden, a year later in Zakopane he started on a two-cylinder Suzuki 250. In recent years, he has regularly competed in the Pre-65 competition, which precedes the Scottish. He suffered a stroke in December 2016 and died of cancer on February 20.

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Peter Gaunt
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