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Wikitrials.org is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserve the memory of the sport of trial. It´s all about the relevant people: riders, bikes, makers, results, and everything that means something to the sport.

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Note on Copyright

In WikiTRIALS we would like to respect all intellectual property rights of individuals and organizations. For that matter, every photo or video shown in this web will come with it´s proper source and link attached. As you may imagine, most of the material has been located through a Google search, and, very much like them, we merely organize it and show it, together with the source. If anyone feels uncomfortable with his property being shown in this web, we will immediately remove it at first request.
In the other hand, we believe that most of current trial information will disappear over time, and is our task to try to preserve all that valuable material for the good of present and future generations.
All the material created in wikitrials.org, is free to use by anyone, for as long as they mention the source.